All Movies and Series Released this week on OTT Platforms

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The weekend is here and if you are also planning to stay at home and not go anywhere or you just planning to watch a good movie or series, then this article is for you.

Here I am sharing top movies and series released this week so, you can easily choose what to watch according to your taste.

Amazon Prime India

KGF Chapter 2 (8.7/10)

Now, this movie doesn’t need any description. This movie is still in cinemas even after its release for more than 2 months. I still recommend you to go and watch it in theaters, but for some reason, if you can’t then it will be realising on Amazon Prime Video India on 3 June in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam

Netflix India

There are many new movies and series released this week on Netflix with 5.1 Dolby Digital Hindi dubbing.

Stranger Things (2022) Season 4, Volume 1 [7 Episodes]

This is the most hit series on Netflix, it became the most-streamed show on Netflix just after its release. The reviews of this season are also very positive, so if you have any doubt that this season will be good or not or will it continue to entertain us as last season does, well it’s all cleared now. Watch it now, because the next and final batch of episodes of this series are coming with volume 2 on 1st July.

In the Line of Fire (7.2/10)

A recently new dubbed into Hindi is a Crime, Drama, and Thriller Film. The follows a Secret Service agent Frank who got the information that someone is trying to assassinate the president, his job is to identify whom and where.

You can enjoy this 2hrs 6 mins long Crime, Drama movie on Netflix, dubbed and released this week.

12 Mighty Orphans (6.9/10)

12 Mighty Orphans is a History, Sports Drama Film and started streaming this week in Hindi with 5.1 Dolby Digital audio. The story revolves around a coach who is haunted by his past and still takes a football team of orphans to the state championship.

So, if you want to watch a sports drama, motivation type movie, this 1hr and 58 mins movie is for you.

The King Of Staten Island (7.1/10)

The list of the movie can’t be completed without having a comedy movie. The King Of Staten Island is one of the high rated comedy movies which is released this week in Hindi with 5.1 Dolby Digital audio.

The story follows a person named Scott who has been a victim of stalled growth since his firefighter father passed away. He is addicted to smoking weed and dreaming about becoming a tattoo artist until circumstances make him confront the loss and take his first steps in the right direction. The movie is approx 2hrs and 16 mins long.


This is another comedy movie available on Netflix in Hindi [Dolby Digital 5.1 audio] language. There is also an element of thrill present in this movie which keeps it quite interesting.

The story follows a man named Crunch Calhoun, who brings back his old group to complete the last heist.

Rent On Movies

Fantastic Beasts: 3 The Secrets Of Dumbledore (IMDB – 6.5/10)

The third instalment of the Fantastic Beasts series which is itself a prequel to the famous Harry Potter series is releasing on two services.

On Apple TV+ you can purchase 499 Rs or rent 149 Rs for this movie with Hindi and Tamil 5.1 Dolby Digital Languages.

The same price on Amazon Prime Store but here you will get Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in 5.1 Dolby Digital.

MORBIUS (5.2/10)

MORBIUS is another spin-off of the Spider-Man universe owned by Sony. This movie is fully developed under the banner of Sony and Marvel has nothing to do with this.

This movie is now available to purchase on Amazon Prime Video International in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu languages with Dolby Digital 5.1.

You can purchase or rent this movie.

BELFAST (7.3/10)

This is a Drama, Biography movie based on a boy and his Belfast working-class family and how they survived the harsh period of the 1960s.

You can purchase it for rent on Amazon Prime Video at 199Rs in Hindi 5.1 Dolby Digital audio.


Well on Zee5 there is not much new to watch except this beautiful animated movie which was recently dubbed in Hindi.

FELEE (8.0/10)

This movie is also been nominated for Oscars. FLEE is the remarkable real tale of a man Amin close to the point of marriage, who is compelled to expose his secrets to the world for the first time.


Which one are you planning to watch? Please let us know in the comments.

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