How to Cancel/Pause Your Netfilx Subscription

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Netflix is the leading platform in the OTT market, it has more than 400 Million+ subscribers plus a very big library of movies and series. Yes, there are some reports that many people are leaving Netflix and which we have discussed in another blog which you can check out later.

Netflix in India is very affordable if you compare it to the rest of the world, in less than 2 dollars you can buy Netflix for one full month and have a great time enjoying it. Now, suppose your summer vacation is over, and now you need to cancel your subscription, well it looks like it is harder than continuing the subscription.

Many of the OTT providers like Disney, and Prime Video have a much more easily process of renewing the subscription this is because they want your money and your valuable time, but it goes the opposite when you try to cancel their subscriptions it is a more lengthy process and many options are not clearly visible.

So, people can easily not able to cancel the subscription, and you know what this thing actually works many people think to cancel the subscription, and they don’t do it because it is a long process they are only forced to do it because their budget is not allowing to afford a Netflix subscription.

So, let’s see how to cancel/pause a Netflix subscription on many devices and what happens after you do any of these two processes.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on Android Phone

Here it is only for the android app not Netflix in the mobile app browser which uses Netflix in android browsers because the app gives a much better experience.

In order to cancel the Netflix subscription, you have to head to the profile section and then select the account option, and then it will redirect it you to the new page it might open in the browser depending on your android version, but mostly it opens inside the app.

Then you need to scroll down there you will find your payment option along with the cancel subscription button, you just need to cancel it and within in few seconds you will receive a confirmation mail that the cancellation process was successful.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on Web Browser

In order to cancel your Netflix subscription in your browser, you need to first log in into your browser and then have to visit the cancellation page of Netflix. There you will find the finish cancellation button, you just have to click on that, and you will receive a mail within a few seconds about your cancellation being successful.

If you want to do this process on your mobile then please turn on the desktop side mode, this will make the process a lot easier.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on iPhone

Unlike Android, Apple provides an extra layer of payment for subscriptions if you are using that then you need to follow these steps in order to cancel your subscription.

Go to Settings > Your Name > Subscriptions there you will see a list of all active subscriptions you just need to find and click on Netflix, then a pop-up will emerged having option to cancel it, just click on the cancel button and then done.

You can also cancel the subscription via Safari, you just need to follow the same steps that you followed for cancellation in the web browser.

When the cancellation will be active?

Netflix charges in advance, so, try to cancel before your Netflix subscription renews. This will save the money deduction for the next month.

What about the Netflix watch history, wishlist, and Favorites?

Netflix will keep your data for 10 months if you don’t return to Netflix for more than 10 months than all of your data will be lost, and you will start again with a fresh new account. 

How to again join Netflix after cancellation?

You can definitely join Netflix any time after cancellation. The easiest process is whenever you will cancel the Netflix subscription in the remaining few days if you open Netflix you will always see a pop-up saying to renew the subscription if you click on renew then instantly you will receive a mail your subscription has been continued.

The next step is that you have to do it manually, just like you first did when you purchased a Netflix subscription for the first time. You have to log in in on mobile or website then select a payment option and after payment is done your subscription will be restarted.

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