Paypal Merchant Code Deploy and Button Creation

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In this tutorial I’ll show how to create a PayPal button code and then deploy it on a WordPress blog or without having a blog site.


Create Button for Payments

  • Open Website.
  • Click on All Tools in Tools from Menu.

  • Click on PayPal Buttons.
  • On Right Side Click on Create New Button.

  • In Step 1: Change Button Type to BUY NOW.
  • Select Currency as INR.
  • In Customize Button: Click Customize text or appearance (optional).
  • Change Buy Now to Pay Now.
  • Leave all others empty.
  • Skip Step 2.
  • In Step 3: Third Option will be as:
  • Do you need your customer’s postal address?
  • Select NO
  • Click on Create Button.

Deploy Button without Blog

  • Create an account at (verify email too)
  • Login if you already have.
  • Create New repository or Start a Project.
  • Give Repository a Name.
  • Select the Initialize this repository with a README Button
  • Click on Create Repository.

  • Click on Create New File
  • Name it as index.html

  • Copy the code from PayPal website where we created and paste it on the blank space.
  • Click on Commit New File.
  • Open Settings Option

  • Find GitHub Pages Option.

  • Change None to Master and click Save.
  • Page will Refresh.
  • Go to GitHub Pages Option again.

  • You’ll see your link.
  • Open it and start paying.
  • Note: The Page will be available after a few minutes of saving and any changes to the code file reflects after a few minutes.

Deploy Button on WordPress Widget Section

  • Open your WordPress Blog Admin Area.
  • Click on Widgets in Appearance from Menu.

  • Find Custom HTML or TEXT Option.
  • Name it as you like.
  • Paste the Button code to the content area.
  • Save the button.

  • Open Your WP Blog.
  • and fine the button from Sidebar area.

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