Problem with Oxygen OS updated to Color OS

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One Plus is a very popular Chinese brand. It’s so popular that many don’t even mind it having a Chinese brand.

One of the main reasons why One Plus is so popular is because of its Oxygen OS.

But recently OPPO the parent company of OnePlus, has announced that their color OS and the OnePlus Oxygen OS are going to be merged.

And all OnePlus users will get this update on their phones.

But is it a good idea let’s see.

Why Merger?

So, if you are new and don’t know what’s happening, I am going to give a short summary of why this merger happened.

This merger was kind of an experiment. Few months ago One Plus announced that they are going to merge with OPPO and they named this merger OPLUS.

In this merger they merged most of their teams and after a few months we got an article from a Chinese site claiming that both companies got positive results with this merger.

Hence, they decided to combine more and merged their design and research team. At this point they only have different marketing teams and the rest are integrated.

The OnePlus has promised many things like regular software updates, making Oxygen OS better.

One of the main reasons is that One Plus is a well settled brand in the USA so, if OPPO wants to sell their phones in the USA they can promote it via One Plus. They don’t need to start from the beginning.

But with the recent changes it seems like they are not keeping their promise and hence their users are also not satisfied with what’s happening.

Changes on Oxygen OS

Let’s see what type of changes made the users worry about the future of Oxygen OS.

At the beta version of Oxygen OS 12, OnePlus is trying to give the same old feel of Oxygen OS with successful execution of the OPLUS merger.

The things that they have changed are the settings app is now of Color OS, recent apps window looks like Color OS. Even when you see the default launcher on setting it will show you Color OS not Oxygen OS.

Benefits of this merger

Well yes there are also some benefits of this merger.

One of them which I can see is for the new users.

If a new user goes to buy a phone and sees that on specs he/she is getting the same feature on Oppo phone which will be quite cheaper than compared to One Plus.

So, he/she can easily choose what to purchase.

Second thing is that not all things have changed in the new Oxygen OS version. They are still in control of many things. And since this is the starting phase many things can happen in future, let’s hope for the best.

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