Use One Gmail Account with Google Unlimited Addresses Magic

 Use One Gmail Account with Google Unlimited Addresses Magic

Google provides unlimited emails in one gmail address after a complication occurred with dot including email address and then they clarified that all dot including email accounts are same to their base name with no dots in them. But with it there are lot of other tricks a lot of people still don’t know.

Types of Google Accounts Versions

  • Base Account i.e. like
  • Dotted Address i.e. like
  • Base Account with another domain
  • Dotted Address with another domain
  • Any of the above with Plus Sign +

How to use these accounts

There are a lot of limitations on these accounts, but they aren’t from google. Well, you cannot signup with a new gmail account with address if you or someone has or vice versa.

Any gmail account which has at last can be replaced with and emails will arrive on the same address.

Also, put dot anywhere before @ in gmail address but should be in between letters or numbers like works but is not valid.

You can also put multiple dots on various places in address but know that there cannot be more than one dot at the same place like is valid but is not.

Another one is Plus Sign within gmail addresses, this one is a little different as dots works in between the username of address but plus works after the username and before the @ sign. To use plus sign see the example below.

Base Gmail Address is

You can create address like

After the + sign you can add anything as before + the username should be correct.

The same can be done if you want to send emails from these alternative addresses

Yes, you can use these all above addresses with your sending email feature by Google.

  • Login to Gmail in Desktop.
  • On right side go to Settings.
  • Select Accounts and import.
  • there is a option called Send mail as:
  • You can see your default address there.
  • Click on add another email address.
  • Now Enter desired name and any variation of your address there and save it.
  • You can set new address as default and select any of the address at the time of sending emails.

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