Using VPN and Downloading from Torrent Websites

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In this tutorial i’ll show how you can use VPN’s to access blocked websites and download contents from torrent websites.

Note: In several countries downloading copyrighted content or sharing it illegal, make sure your country allows the use of this tutorial as Hash Hackers is not responsible for any damages or losses.

Free and Paid VPN

If you have lots of money to pay you can purchase VPN Subscriptions to access content privately. There are lots of VPN Providers which provides High Speed Access using their Paid plans. Search for any VPN on Google and get a subscription.

Free VPN are lots of providers provides services to show off their services but with less speeds and availability due to high number of free users. You can use Proton VPN which is very fast and also provides 7 day Premium trial and lifetime free plan.

After enabling a VPN or Desktop or Android device you can access any website in the world even if it was not accessible to your network before. There are many types of websites blocked in several countries like porn, torrents, movie websites or copyrighted content sharing websites including cloud storage solution websites.

Torrents and Magnet Links

Torrents are peer to peer network file sharing platform. In this the file is not hosted on any server making it impossible to remove or block access. The files are fetched directly from various user computers around the world who are willing to share the file called as seeders. More the seeders faster the downloading speed of the file. while we can also see leechers in the torrent sharing. Leechers here means the number of users which are downloading the file at that time.

BitTorrent the largest platform which is used to fetch torrents. There are several software’s which are used to download torrent files.

  • If you want advanced cloud, you can use your own server using Bhadoo Cloud

In this tutorial we will download a torrent file from Ubuntu Website which is not illegal to download and perfect for this tutorial.

  1. Open Torrent Website here we are using UBUNTU.
  2. Find torrent file link that ends with .torrent or magnet link that starts with magnet:
  3. You can convert Torrent File into Magnet Link or wise versa using or
  4. Eg. Torrent File is here
  6. Eg. Magnet Link from above torrent file is here
  7. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d540fc48eb12f2833163eed6421d449dd8f1ce1f&dn=ubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso
  8. This file or link is the only way to access these torrents. so copy the link or use the file at Torrent Application and Click on Download or Fetch Button whichever is available.
  9. Learn about Dark Web and its facts.

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