What is Zero Click Search? And How it holds the Power of Ending the Blogging.

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Zero Click Searches is one of the things about which new bloggers or the people who want to do blogging are concerned.

But is it that much of a big deal to think about? Or you can neglect it and start your journey in blogging? Let’s find out together.

What are Zero Click Searches?

For those who are not familiar with this term let me give you an overview, if you already know then you can just skip this part.

Zero Click searches are like people are searching but not going to any site to see the data. You often see that when you Google something, a summary will directly come without even visiting any website. So, you technically didn’t visit any website and got the information that you wanted.

If a user searched anything, then there is a 66% chance that he/she will only visit the first link that appeared and will not wander to other sites. This percentage is slightly lower for pc users.

By these two paragraphs, you can see that either the sites are not getting any clicks, or only the site which is ranking number one is getting all the clicks.

Is This Really a Big Deal?

So, now you can understand the concern of the new bloggers. It’s a race in which the first one gets everything and the rest participants nothing.

To be honest it is a big thing, at the same time it is not. Let’s see why.

The company or group who published this data are doing this for years, and they found that this percentage is constantly increasing per year.

The last data is from 2016 and the zero-click search was around 43% and since then it is increasing in 2017 it was 46% then 47% and now 66%.

This is because Google and the other search engines are constantly trying to give the user a better experience. Suppose if Google doesn’t improve, then people will stop using it. So, we can’t blame Google for that.

The next thing is those sites that are on top. They are made on top because they have the quality of that content, else ranking number one in Google or any search engine is not a piece of cake.

So, we have identified the problem, we can’t blame Google nor those who are at the top. This means that we have to increase our quality so, we can also get users’ attention.

Let’s see a few more solutions to this problem.

The Solutions

Searches Have Increased

This is the big thing. As technology is advancing, more and more people are started using the internet. This led to more searches on Search Engines.

Back in 2019, the number of searches in Google was 2 trillion, and it increased to 2.5 trillion in 2020. So, it seems like the searches on Google are gonna increase over time.

And this data is only from Google, there are many people out there who are using other search engines like Bing or Duck Go.

According to data, about 40% of the total search engine searches are done by Bing. This percentage is high because many people who are using Windows directly use Bing. So, there is also a big number of people using Bing.

Stop Making this Website

The content is the king. So, try to produce as much as you can. And don’t make some websites like scores showing websites, lyrics websites, news websites, weather showing websites.

Since the user can easily see the score without even visiting any website. Google will directly serve this type of information to the user.

Continuity is The Key

Your first blog can’t rank on Google at the same time you published, because Google is indexing a lot of web pages at the same time.

According to data, Google indexes 5 Billion pages every day. That’s the reason why Google takes some time to show the data on the searches. There are also many reasons why Google is not showing your page.

But there is a high chance that if you continue, that one of your pages will rank number one on Google. And if the user liked your content, then they will start visiting your site regularly and Google will keep a track of your website.


In my opinion, this is not that big of a deal. Both Google and users love new content, if you offer them then you can easily take the number one spot.

It totally depends upon you how much you are dedicated to it.

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